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Aims and Objectives:
The Sociology of Youth Thematic Group aims to facilitate all sociological based research relating to young people. The group provides a collegial forum for collaboration and supportive engagement between youth researchers at all points in their careers. The group advocates for sociological perspectives in multi-disciplinary projects and public debates around young people. It also supports publicly engaged youth sociology aimed at improving conditions for young people in Australian and elsewhere through sociologically informed policies and programs.

Year Established: March 2010

Amy Dobson, University of Queensland
Rose Butler, University of New South Wales
Benjamin Hanckle, University of Technology, Sydney

Group members:

  • Malcolm Alexander
  • Paula Geldens
  • Susan Oakley
  • Evan Willis
  • Anita Harris
  • Sarah MacLean
  • Sonia Martin
  • Dan Woodman
  • Katie Wright
  • Carol Reid
  • Mike Dee
  • Sarah Baker
  • Peter Doran
  • Rob White
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Jens O. Zinn
  • Briony Horsfall
  • Andy Bennett
  • Anne Ferguson
  • Dorothy Bottrell
  • Lena Rodriguez
  • Amelia Johns
  • Brendan Churchill
  • Brady Robards
  • Catherine Strong
  • Kathryn Seymour
  • Pam Nilan
  • Steven Threadgold
  • Ellie Vasta
  • Mark McCrindle
  • David Farrugia
  • Charlotte Fabiansson
  • Joanne Bryant
  • Sarah Redshaw
  • Amy Shields Dobson
  • Clare Bartholomaeus
  • Bernard East
  • Laura Gobey
  • Joel Robert McGregor
  • Catherine Robinson
  • Mithzay Pomenta (De La Espriella)
  • Sharon Aris
  • Joshua Roose
  • Julia Coffey
  • Joseph Borlagdan
  • Paulina Billett
  • Tori Stratford
  • Meave Noonan
  • Karen Block
  • Rose Butler
  • Adele Pavlidis
  • Benjamin Hanckel
  • Kerry Robinson
  • Natalie Hendry
  • Kim Lam
  • Luke Swain
  • Ben Lohmeyer
  • Quentin Maire
  • Catherine Waite
  • Ramon Menendez Domingo
  • Josie Reade
  • Lachlan Denning
  • Adam Rogan
  • Garth Stahl
  • Andreas Cebulla
  • Gbenga Afolayan
  • Ron Baird
  • Laura McClintock
  • Melinda Herron
  • Clarissa Carden
  • Lesley Pruitt
  • Ruth Jeanes
  • Carrie Connolly
  • Lise Mogensen
  • Maja Moensted
  • Glenda McGregor
  • Signe Ravn
  • Erika Siabatto
  • Shane Duggan
  • Helen Berents
  • Ben Lyall
  • Aaron Hart
  • Benjamin Pinkard
  • Heather Downey
  • Jessica Walton
  • Kerrie Mackey-Smith
  • Ben Kristian Citto Laksana
  • Joseph Jackson
  • Emma Cooke
  • Joni Meenagh
  • Milovan Savic
  • Gaynor Lee
  • Antonia Canosa
  • Johanna Garnett
  • Zohre Ahmadabadi
  • Anna Denejkina
  • Amy Vanderharst
  • Shirley Jackson
  • Carmel Hobbs
  • Jade Howell
  • Crystal Abidin
  • Steven Roberts

Youth Cultures, belongings, transitions: Bridging the gap in youth research - conference

Griffith Centre for Cultural Research and The Australian Sociological Association Sociology of Youth Thematic Group are proud to co-host:
Youth Cultures, belongings, transitions: Bridging the gap in youth research
22 – 24 November, 2012
Brisbane, Australia
Submission deadline: July 31, 2012. Read on…

Risk and the Life Course – Workshop

Call for Papers

Risk and the Life Course – Workshop

21st-22nd of July 2011

The University of Melbourne

School of Social and Political Sciences

The notion of emerging new risks and how to avoid or manage them has become central to modern societies and contemporary identity. Australian researchers have been at the forefront of exploring how a ‘risk society’ is reshaping the life course – for example suggesting the transition between youth and adulthood has been reshaped. This two day workshop at the University of Melbourne will explore how new divisions and uncertainties, and a discourse focused on risk and individualised risk management, are reshaping the biography and the life course.

The full details are available in Word (12kb) and Pdf (295kb)


Click here for the 2010 Annual Report